International Assessment Experts
Humandia is an international assessment provider. Humandia diagnoses and enables performance and potential of teams and individuals. Humandia focuses on leadership questions.


Humandia inspires people by using psychological science and knowledge. Give people insights about themselves, their occupational life and their daily jobs. Make them happier and therefore more effective and efficient in their jobs by providing evidence-based assessments and enabling them consecutively.

Wellbeing & productivity

We firmly believe that we can help people going to work with pleasure. All organizational literature unanimously shows that leadership is pivotal in work satisfaction and even day-to-day wellbeing; both for the leader and ‘the led’. Our mission is to select and enable the best leaders for your organization and to avoid bad, toxic leadership. Strong and good leadership is obviously better for the full organization: the strong leader will generate more productivity and creativity and staff members will be more satisfied and happier with their work and life in general.

Humanistic approach

This importance of wellbeing and our humanistic approach is also coming back in Humandia donating 2.5% of it’s revenue to the Red Cross and Terre des Homme as organizations that help the less fortunate people in our world. Our passion is to drive business and at the same time, make the world a slightly better place….Humandia: We foster human talent, performance and wellbeing.