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Humandia aims high when it comes to the quality of its services. One important aspect of this quality is the protection of information and the privacy of (potential) clients and participants and careful handling of their (personal) data, in accordance with what is provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the professional, sector-specific and/or ethical codes of conduct applicable to particular services.

I. Introduction

These privacy rules relate to the processing of personal data by Humandia GmbH
Humandia GmbH collect personal data of clients, participants, suppliers and visitors of our websites.

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation, also named GDPR, is European legislation with direct effect in the European Economic Area. Starting 25 May 2018, these rules replace the Personal Data Protection Act.

GDPR and the protection of personal data

Humandia has a data processing administration. Relevant aspects can be found in these privacy rules. This register is part of the Information Security Policy and will be evaluated regularly, as will the other documents, and updated where necessary.

In all the processes within our organisation, we handle personal and client data very carefully; the principles as mentioned in the GDPR are a starting point, as are the ones in the professional codes Humandia complies with or regards itself to be bound by.

This implies amongst other things that Humandia:

  • Informs you in a comprehensible and transparent way how and for what purposes the personal data is processed;
  • Only processes personal data for warranted and specific purposes, and bases the processing of data on one of the principles mentioned in the GDPR;
  • Takes appropriate organisational and technical security measures to protect personal data against unauthorised or unwarranted processing and against inadvertent loss, deletion or damaging.
  • Informs you about your rights regarding the personal data that Humandia processes.
  • Does not process more or longer than necessary.


Purposes and bases

The type of Personal Data to be Processed by Provider comprises:
C.V’s, Interview data (i.e.: interests, skills, occupational history, behavioral examples) Psychometric Data (i.e.: cognitive abilities, personality traits, motivational traits, competency scores), Data on Behavioral Exercises (displayed behavior), Name, E-mail address.

B. The following categories of Data Subjects are involved in the Processing of Personal Data:

Job applicants and/or employees of Customer

Humandia collects these personal data for various purposes and on different bases, for instance for supplying services as agreed with you and/or your (possible) employer, for pre-contractual activities (like giving quotes) or for processing the request that you send us via one of the forms on our website. At that point we have a warranted interest to process your data: it is necessary to process the data for the adequate treatment of your request. Several pages on the website ask for personal data, for example when you try to get in touch with us or request information. Certain processes are exclusively performed with your permission, where you can withdraw that permission at any moment.

II. Website


Humandia uses cookies to anonymously monitor the number of visitors on the site, which pages are visited and what kind of information requests are made. The cookies that Humandia uses, do not contain name or address data; just data concerning your use are stored (pages visited, technical details and IP address). This data is used to analyse the use and visit, so we can optimise our websites and apps, and can be of even better service to you in the future. For the Humandia website, we use Google Analytics. The information derived from Google Analytics will be used to have insight in website activity and statistics are pseudonymised.

Assessment Lab

The ‘Assessment Lab’ on the Humandia website is for research and assessment purposes only. Your anonymized data will be used to build new assessment tools. It is not necessary to leave your personal credentials on the website, but if you choose to do so, you will get personalized feedback based on your data. When participating in a Humandia assessment it may happen that you are asked to fill in a questionnaire on the website for the purposes of assessing your preferences. When used for assessment purposes, these data will only be shared with your (future/possible) employer.

III.  Your personal data – purposes, bases and use of your data

Providing (pre-)contractual services. Humandia processes your personal data to provide our services to you. We use the data, for instance, to give you a quote at your request, and subsequently implement the agreement, to maintain our relations with you regarding the assignment, to process and confirm an order for registration or to send an invoice. We also use the data to reply to requests for information; it is our legitimate interest to process your data for that purpose.

Involvement of and sharing with third parties. Humandia can engage other parties to perform an aspect or part of the service to you; this could be an external consultant, a trainer or assessment psychologist, for instance, or an external (test) system as part of the assessment, or an IT system of platform we use for our services, for instance, a crm system or e-learning platform.  As far as these third parties need access to personal data to perform these services, Humandia has contracted the correct, contractual, technical and organisational security measures to ensure these third parties use or process your data solely for the intended purposes and conform the instructions we agreed to with these third parties.

Sharing with third parties for legal reasons. We can share your personal data with third parties if we determine that access to and use of the personal data is reasonably necessary to (i) conform to the applicable laws and regulations and/or court order; (ii) prevent, detect or solve fraud, (future) security issues or technical problems; and/or (iii) protect the interests, features or safety of Humandia, our users or the public to the extend consistent with the law.

Marketing and sales activities. Humandia may inform clients about offers, innovations and other relevant (professional) content relating to our services, conform the applicable regulations, or because you explicitly permitted it. We can do this by phone, e-mail, newsletter or via direct personal contact. Naturally, you always have the right to indicate that you (no longer) appreciate it.

Processing of your data on the Humandia website. We collect and use your personal data on our website to provide you with (personalised) web content and to communicate with you in the most targeted manner. Your data will also be used for research and analysis to improve our services and websites. We can also use the data submitted on our websites to send information by e-mail about other services of Humandia, provided you gave permission to do so. Naturally, this permission can be withdrawn at any moment.

Scientific research. Pseudonymised test data can be applied by the scientific department of Humandia for validation and standardisation of tests as well as for benchmarking purposes and statistical analyses. The data is protected with additional security measures. At that point we have a legitimate interest to (keep) safeguard(ing) the quality of tests.
Under no circumstance will Humandia sell your data to third parties.

IV. Storage periods

Humandia stores your personal data no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data is collected. This storage period depends on the nature of the information and the purposes of the processing.

Below we specify the storage periods of personal data for various purposes and services.

  • As far as personal data is involved in the tax retention obligation or for anonymized research puposes: 7 years
  • Participants´ data in our administration or marketing system: 5 years after the last registration or activity, so we can advise and inform you of future developments based on prior activities. Or to verify your right to a participation certificate (when lost), in short: provide you with services.
  • Your assessment file and test data: 2 years. The final report will only be shared with the client with your permission. Prior to this you have access to it and the possibility to request a clarification.
  • Your coaching file: 2 years.


V. Your rights

You have the right to write a request to:

Access to your personal data. You can ask us whether we process your personal data. If that is the case, we will explain which personal data of yours we process, how we process it and for which purposes. You can also request a copy of your personal data we process;

Correction of your personal data. If you feel that your personal data we process is incorrect or incomplete, you can request us to supplement or edit your data;

Deletion of your personal data. You can request us to delete your personal data we process. We will delete your data without unreasonable delay after receiving such a request, if: the data is no longer needed for the purpose we processed it; you no longer give us permission to process it, if that was the base for processing it; the data was processed by us as part of direct marketing; you object against the processing of it and there is no reason (anymore) why we should still be permitted to process the data; there is a legal reason to delete the personal data.

Limitation to processing your data. In some cases you might want a limitation to the processing of your personal data. In that case, you can request us to limit the data we process. We will comply with such a request if, after investigation it turns out to be possible, for example, if you do not want all your data deleted, but other data is no longer necessary for the original purpose.

Portability of your personal data (data portability). You can request a copy of your personal data we process.

You can also indicate your right to object if you do not agree with our processing of your data.

Questions, requests, complaints and supervision

It is possible you have a question, request or complaint, via the contact details below:

Humandia GmbH.
Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich
You will receive a written response within 2 weeks.

Version management of these privacy rules

Humandia reserves the right to change these privacy rules. Modified versions will be dated and published on our website.

These privacy rules were last updated in September 2018


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