Assessment, Enablement, Consultancy


All Humandia’s assessments are interactive, from a light ‘touch’ to a heavy interactive day with 2 consultants present. Also are we delivering full Assessment and Development Centers. Furthermore we conduct Team Assessments for your executive or board team, which gives insight on an aggregated Team level.

We conduct high touch assessments for every job role, but are focused on leadership roles, ranging from supervisor to executives at boardroom level in the pre-hire and post hire space.


Enablement is always tailored, such as a tweaked training or coaching. However, we provide also standard solutions like our intensive, individual ‘Behavioral Pressure Cooker’; a training based on intensive role plays with immediate feedback from our consultants.


We provide tailored research and consultancy. This entails performance improvement of individual leaders or (leadership) teams, but also research on motivation, satisfaction, job related stress, wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Also are we providing best practice advice around assessment design and training, job analysis, competency management, interview techniques and how to improve your recruitment process.

We ‘follow the leader’ by doing the assessment or enablement on site, worldwide. Our office is based in Zürich, Switzerland where we can obviously also assess and enable your talent. We provide our services also on Saturday or Sunday.


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